Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Longing for a revolution

I had to go really far away to a watery, watery land to find a really helpful book. Photo by me.
Some days, I feel certain that we are on the verge of some major cultural shifts. Other days...not so much. During the latter, I am grateful for anything the reawakens a deep sense of possibility. Recently, that thing was a serendipitous encounter with Land and Environmental Arta book that contains some unexpected parallels for where I feel we are in the sciences right now and provides a really interesting look at working from the margins.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuning out, tuning in

The sound of thunder and lightning and a million grains of sand being stirred by monsoon winds in the desert. Photo by me.
Listening is something I spend a lot of time doing and thinking about, but over the past year or two I have noticed that my feelings about it have evolved quite a bit. In a nutshell, I'm seeing more and more that the times when I just can't bear to listen have as much to teach me as anything else.