Friday, October 25, 2013

Awesome people that will inspire you: Part 2

Earlier this week I posted about some people that inspire me, which I'd like to do regularly.

Joseph Campbell was a pretty incredible guy whose motto was "follow your bliss" - something I think most of us can get behind. I can watch endless hours of him just sitting on a stool talking. He brings the work of Carl Jung and "Man and His Symbols" to life. Anybody interested in storytelling will find much of interest in his discussion of classic stories like the "hero's journey" and classic archetypes. You can watch clips of him on YouTube and streaming on Netflix - for starters I would recommend "The Power of Myth," a several part interview with Bill Moyers on PBS.

Marion Woodman, a Jungian analyst and author, is also one of my greatest heroes. Her writing is non-linear and heavily psychoanalytic, which can be a challenge, but is endlessly rewarding. This short video of her speaking on our inter-related world is something that I draw from again and again. Her questions "How can we connect? Can you listen to me? Can you see me? Do you *care* whether you see me?" are, simply, powerful ones for our time and guide my own work on my best days.

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