Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awesome people that will inspire you

I think I'm going to try to do this as a regular post category. Over the years I have been inspired by so many different people and I want to pay tribute to them all in some way over time - most are close colleagues, friends, and family. But, I also have some well-known people that continue to inspire me and I have to start somewhere, so I just want to give thanks to Joanna Macy. She has written many great books and done tons of workshops over the years, and I've been inspired by all of her work. This piece, "Allegiance to Life," is an interview with Macy, and is a great summary of her view on the world and conveys an incredible wisdom. It is unfortunately behind a paywall, but *so* worth reading.

Parker Palmer is another person from whom I have drawn a great deal of inspiration over the years. His book "Let Your Life Speak" is one that I pick up from time to time, starting anywhere, just to be reminded of what is possible. I also really admire the work of his organization, the Center for Courage and Renewal.

I most recently became familiar with the work of Rachel Naomi Remen, and am drawing a huge amount of inspiration from her words, and her approach to her work creating a community of learning, support, and practice for doctors outside of the confines of medical schools is pure genius. A recent New York Times article describes some of this, and in many ways inspired me to start blogging again.

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