Sunday, October 27, 2013

Research and relevance: Informational interviews with decision-makers

After I wrote a post on listening in an interview or evaluation context, I came across a set of posts on the Leopold Leadership 3.0 blog on informational interviews with policy experts and decision-makers as a way to build relationships and gain a better understanding of their needs:
It's not really something I'd considered before - probably because my experience working with (or as) decision-makers has been through more informal conversations and different channels. It seems like an good tool to have in the toolkit, especially in cases where, for example, you are new to an issue or place or want take a more systematic approach.

The third post, written by Ryan Meyer and Emily Knight of the California Ocean Science Trust, has some particularly good pointers on asking open-ended questions and connecting in ways that avoid the expert/non-expert dichotomy, which was a big theme in my previous post.

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